Reputable online casinos are no longer uncommon. But there are still online casino providers who
do not work seriously. A few black sheep are enough to sow distrust. It has never been easier to find
a reputable online casino than today. A lot has happened in the past few years in the regulation and
licensing of online gambling offers. The established casino licenses play an important role. There are
various licensors in the European Union that have an impeccable reputation. There are also some
online casinos that have one of the coveted licenses from Germany Schleswig-Holstein. In the
following article we explain in detail what qualities a reputable online casino has to offer.
Reputable online casinos – is there such a thing?
The question is not entirely unjustified. Long before there were online casinos, casino operators
were often suspected of not working properly. Las Vegas is a good example. “Sin City” was under the
control of various criminals for a long time until the casinos and hotels were bought up by large
corporations in the early 1980s. The genesis of Las Vegas has quite a few things in common with the
genesis of online casinos. When the first gaming providers went online, there were no legal
structures or regulators to prepare for this new market. Whether player protection took place
depended entirely on the operator of the offer.
These casinos have particularly fair terms and conditions
In the meantime, every reasonably sophisticated online casino that wants to win customers in
Europe has a casino license. In the best case, it is an EU license, for example from Malta or Gibraltar.
But there are also casino operators who work with other licenses, for example with the gambling
license from Curaçao. We will go into detail about the different licenses below. It is important for us
to point out that the regulators play a key role when it comes to serious online casinos. The
experience of recent years shows that strict licensing and reliable regulation are important in order
to keep black sheep from the market or to ban them from the market. But there are also other
criteria which are important when assessing the seriousness of an online casino. However, one thing
can be said: A reputable online casino without a recognized casino license is simply not imaginable
these days.
How do I recognize a reputable online casino?
There are some important criteria by which seriousness at an online casino becomes clear. You
should differentiate between the necessary requirements and the desirable requirements. A gaming
license from a recognized regulatory authority is required in any case. Test seals issued by reliable
institutions are desirable. The payment methods offered can be important indicators of seriousness.
With the best online casinos on the market, the seriousness is clear in all areas, so that in the end
there is no reasonable doubt. But even a gambling provider that does not meet all of the desirable
criteria can work seriously. In the following we explain all relevant criteria when assessing the
seriousness of an online casino.
Casino licenses
There are various casino licenses that are interesting for casino fans in Europe. The quality of the
licenses varies, so it makes sense to look closely. Reputable online casinos always have a reputable
German license
Schleswig-Holstein is the only licensor for online casinos in Germany. However, it is currently not
possible to purchase new licenses. Only during a short phase was it possible to get a license for an
online casino in Schleswig-Holstein. The casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license are high on the list
of many German casino fans. This is understandable, because the Schleswig-Holstein license is a top
license. ( There is more information about online casinos with a German license here. )
EU licenses
In addition to the Schleswig-Holstein license, EU licenses include the licenses from Malta, Gibraltar
and Great Britain (UK). But there are also other licensors in the EU. For example, Cyprus has started
licensing and regulating online casinos in recent years. ( There is more information about online
casinos with an EU license here. )
Offshore licenses
The offshore licenses should be viewed with some caution. Curaçao is one of the best-known
offshore licensors in the casino sector. There are reputable providers with a Curacao license, but in
general it can be said that the quality of these providers is not at the level that the casinos licensed
in the EU have. This is often evident from the enormously demanding bonus conditions and
problematic terms and conditions with negative clauses in the small print.
Casino seal of approval
A casino will only receive a recognized seal of approval if the criteria associated with this seal of
approval are met. There are some recognized casino seals of approval on the market that are used
by many reputable providers. Every recognized seal of approval is a clear seriousness characteristic.
If there are several seals of approval, this is a very good sign. The following seals of approval are
particularly widespread:
ECOGRA is an institution that has existed since 2003 and makes an important contribution to
establishing player protection and fair casino rules. If a casino has an eCOGRA seal (eCOGRA’s Safe
and Fair Seal), this proves that the provider adheres to the eCOGRA’s Generally Accepted Practice

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